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Did you know?


We have our own brand range of

car care products.

You can purchase direct from us in Yeovil or through our website below.,


When you collect your car after its valet service you can buy the products you need to keep it looking good - like when a hair dresser sells you the shampoo and styling products they've just used - you can buy shampoo and wax for your car!


Our handmade waxes are all sweetie fragranced and smell delicious - you'll be like a kid in a sweet shop trying to choose your favourite one!


That's not tree sap on your car...

its aphid poop!

You know when you park your car under a tree and you find sticky drops all over it - its not actually sap thats come from the tree. Well, it kind of is - but after its first passed through a bug! Tree sap does not naturally just drip from trees.

Tree sap is high in sugars but low in protein, so the aphids need to consume a lot of sap to get the protein they need - and all that sugar they don’t need - they poop out!

This sticky sugary liquid is called Honeydew, and you are probably aware it can be damaging to paintwork. It will attract dust and dirt and if left to harden in the sun, it can be very difficult to remove and can even take away a tiny part of the surface with it, leaving dull marks on the cars paintwork - these may need to be rectified with polishing or even sanding by a professional if they are very bad.

If you have Honeydew on your car, don't leave it there. Our Tarannosaurus - Tar & Glue Remover can be used to help in the removal of the stubborn residue. And to protect your paint from further attacks, always coat your car in a sealant or wax and wash it regularly.

Image by A Perry

Birds don't wee!

Ever wondered why bird poo is white?


Birds do not urinate, instead of excreting urea in urine as mammals do, they excrete it as uric acid. This comes out of them in a form of white paste. - So now you know!


And as you can imagine by the name: 'uric ACID' - any long term contact this has with your paintwork will cause permanent damage, so always remove bird poo as soon as you can to keep your paintwork mark free!

Don't scrub bird poo if its dried on - soak a paper towel and lay it over the area until the poo is saturated and soft and can be wiped away easily.

Image by Sonny Sixteen

Insects don't have lungs or veins.

Blood in humans contains haemoglobin, a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen around our bodies.


Insects don't have haemoglobin as their bodies don’t transport gases through their blood, instead they have lots of holes along their bodies called spiracles. These lead to a network of tubes that carry the oxygen around their bodies, this system also removes unwanted carbon dioxide.


An insects blood flows freely around their body in a cavity underneath their external skeleton and comes into direct contact with all their tissues, they also don’t have veins like we do.


The colour of their blood or hemolymph is likely to be determined by the plants that they have consumed, ranging from grey, to green to yellow and even orange shades.


Some insects and spiders blood is called hemocyanin, this contains copper and when exposed the the air (ie splatted on your car) it turns to a bluish colour.


Sometimes you may see some red splatter from a fly, its not blood from another animal that they have consumed, but the red pigment from their eyes!


As pretty as all these colours sound, splatted bugs can be a nightmare to remove from your paintwork, especially if left to bake on. Use our Citrus Pre-Wash spray to dissolve them and remove them safely.

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